Start your agency

Students work in teams to start their own full-service Integrated Marketing Agency, producing compelling, insight-driven creative that generates real-world results.



Choose your client

Student teams must choose between twelve 30-day marketing simulations, each featuring an engaging storyline and collaborative framework meant to establish a positive agency culture.



Build your brand

From rapid creative ideation to full-scale execution, student agencies must craft their own brand identity while simultaneously working with their client to build brand equity.


Develop Professional Skills

Rapid Creative Ideation

Participants are encouraged to think quickly without fear of judgment. Rapid ideation uses the power of groups to create a volume of new ideas/solutions to evaluate shortly thereafter.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Students work in teams to create an integrated brand campaign to interact with consumers using a combination of online and offiline channels.

Strategic Planning

Participants consider all stages of the customer journey as opportunities to provide value to clients and further engage consumers.

Product Development

Participants will help brands determine what they will do, not just what they will say, and prototype and commercialize new products, services and experiences.

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